Movies About Trans People, or Include Major Trans Characters

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About Ray, 2015.
After Ray decides to transition from female to male, Ray's mother must come to terms with the decision while tracking down Ray's biological father to get his legal consent.
Beautiful Boxer, 2004. The story of Muay Thai boxer Parinya Charoenphol, who pursued the sport to pay for his sexual reassignment surgery.
Boy Meets Girl, 2015.
A funny, tender, sex positive romantic comedy that explores what it means to be a real man or woman, and how important it is to follow your dreams.
Boys Don’t Cry, 1999.
Female born, the young Brandon Teena attempts to find himself and love in Nebraska, though the tale turns dark.
The Dutch Girl, 2016.
The marriage and work of two Danish artists, Lili and Gerda, evolves as they navigate Lili's groundbreaking journey as a transgender pioneer.
Leave It on the Floor, 2011.
A young man finds his footing with a family of choice, set in the Ballroom scene of Los Angeles, with relationship drama and amazing dance sequences.
Ma Vie en Rose, 1997.
Ludovic is a transgender girl who talks of marrying her neighbor's son, and is confused why everyone surprised, while her family struggles with her actions and gender.
Normal, 2003.
A Midwestern husband and father announces his plan to transition, and everyone works to find new footing as he changes life at work, and around those she cares for.
Romeos, 2011.
A drama centered on the relationship between a young man and his female to male transgender cohort.
Tangerine, 2015.
A transgender working girl tears through Tinseltown on Christmas Eve searching for the pimp who broke her heart.
Tomboy, 2011.
A 10-year old transgender boy moves to a new neighborhood with his family, and intro introduces himself as a boy for the first time to new friends.
TransAmerica, 2005.
A pre-operative trans woman learns that she fathered a son, now a teenager, and the two of them embark on a long and strange road trip.
Wild Side, 2004.
A trans woman who survives prostituting herself in Paris, returns to her family home in the countryside, with her two male lovers, to look after her dying mother.
Soldiers Girl, 2003.
Soldier Barry Winchell is stationed on a small military base in Kentucky. He meets and falls in love with transgender performer Calpernia Addams. As Calpernia's career begins to take off and their romance grows, Barry comes under scrutiny from other soldiers on base due to “don't ask, don't tell” policy.
The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela, 2008.
Raquela is a trans woman in the Philippines who aspires to travel out of her circumstances and to Paris. This movie follows her journey through sex work and her relationships, both with other “lady-boys” and possible future partners. Raquela must learn what it is she really wants for herself, and if dreams are as fulfilling as we hope they will be.
Princessa, 2001.
Fernanda, a transgender woman from Brazil, moves to Italy to raise money for her transition. She begins a career in sex work, through which she meets a married man. They pursue a relationship through her transition. Their relationship seems ideal until Fernanda's boyfriend's past resurfaces.
The Badge, 2002
The murder of a transgender woman in a small Louisiana town sparks a controversial investigation by local law-officer Darl. The local town would prefer he not investigate too heavily, and attempt to dis wade him. Still, Darl is motivated by his attraction to the woman's widow, and pursued by political cover-up, to Darl seeks out the murderer.
A Soap, 2006.
In this Danish film with English subtitles Veronica, a transgender woman, pursues a relationship with her new neighbor, a cisgender woman. As Veronica continues her transition, exploring new expression of her womanhood, Victoria's new partner struggles through the end of her last relationship with her ex-boyfriend as we as her feelings for Veronica.
Different for Girls, 1996.
Kim and Paul were best friends in high school but parted ways long ago. They are reunited accidentally, Paul not immediately recognizing Kim because of Kim's transition. The two former schoolmates begin to rebuild a sexually charged friendship. The lines of their relationship blur as they learn about how their connection has changed.
The World According to Garp, 1982.
T.S. Garp (played by Robin Williams) is a man who pursues a career as a writer. He is haunted by the fact that he was raised by a mother who chose to impregnate herself and raise a child fatherless. Garp's writing inspires his eccentric, feminist mother to write as well. His mother begins a feminist group which includes a transgender woman who is also a former athlete. (Transgender character is secondary.)
Glen or Glenda, 1953.
A classic film created by and starring director Ed Wood that follows the title character Glen/Glenda through a journey of gender examination and discovery. The story touches on Glenda/Glen's marriage and the impact gender has upon it. The film also examines the medical aide given to an intersex client named Anne who transitioned from presenting socially male to socially female.
Myra Breckenridge, 1970.
Myra moves to West Hollywood soon after undergoing surgical transition. She joins her uncle's theatre school as a staff member while attempting to gain an inheritance from a relative. Myra poses as the widow to her past identity, as a way to convince family. Through the movie Myra deals with the charismatic but also complex personalities common in Hollywood.