MtF and Transfeminine Resources

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Facial Feminization Surgery: A Guide for the Transgendered Woman, by Douglas K. Ousterhout MD. Addicus Books, 2010.
Very thorough and practical guide to the FFS options available.
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Fucking Trans Women (FTW): A Zine About the Sex Lives of Trans Women, By Mira Bellwether. CreateSpace Independent Publishing, 2013.
Creatively tackles education, instruction, and experimentation in the ways trans* women have sex with individuals of a variety of genders, and ideas on how lovers can interact with them sex with grace and hotness.
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Girl Talk. The Transgender Guide for Voice and Feminization, by M.S. Lynette Nisbet. Robertson Publishing, 2012.
Tips for trans women, from other trans women, to help them find their true inner voice, including behavior and attitude in addition to communication.
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Resources and advice on connecting with others, gender presentation, and various events for both trans women and male to female crossdressers.
Letters for My Sisters: Transitional Wisdom in Retrospect, edited by Andrea James and Deanne Thornton. CreateSpace Independent Publishing, 2014.
A thought provoking book of written letters for transgender women and by transgender women to their former selves. It is a work filled with positivity and of the challenges that individuals face and overcome, and is a work to be shared to all paving the way for themselves and for the friends and family who are on a search for clarity of what it entails to be a transgender woman.
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Blogs, news, editorials, articles, resources, events, transgender issues podcast, and a discussion forum for trans women. Includes select resources for crossdressers and other trans people as well.
The Transgender Companion (Male to Female): The Complete Guide to Becoming the Woman You Want to Be, by Jennifer Seeley. CreateSpace Independent Publishing, 2007.
A basic guide on the transitioning process as a male to female from the writer’s perspective that offers an uplifting message about self-image and the boosting of one’s self-esteem on the journey.
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Online community, collection of resources, and articles for MtF transsexuals, trans women, crossdressers, and gender variant folk.
When The Opposite Sex Isn't: Sexual Orientation in Male-to-Female Transgender People, by Sandra L. Samons. Routledge, 2008.
A scholarly read about the gender transition process and the author’s related experiences with her clients and their families. It is a sympathetic work filled with gentle humor and wit among the research and findings making it a worthwhile read for therapists with transgender clients and the individuals themselves.
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