Resources to Assist Allies

Whether you are a significant other, friend, family, or ally in some other way, these websites, organizations, books, and other resources can help provide information, skills, and tools to be better allies to trans and gender expansive people.

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The Gender Book, by Mel Reiff Hill, Jay Mays, and Robin Mack. Marshall House Press, 2013.
A short and engaging book for understanding the basics of gender concepts through cartoons, great for all ages. This book also includes a free website that has much of the book online, plus further resources, at Also available on
Resources concerning gender neutral language, modern usage, history, and tools for allies and gender adventurers of every stripe.
Information for media professionals, tips for allies, and a transgender FAQ
“Our Trans Loved Ones: Questions and Answers for Parents, Families, and Friends of People Who Are Transgender and Gender Expansive,” by PFLAG –
“Trans* 101 For Significant Others, Partners, Friends, Family, and Allies (SOFFAs) of Trans* People,” by Skye Brown – - temporarily unavailable
Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource Guide for the Transgender Community, edited by Laura Erickson-Schroth. Oxford University Press, 2014.
An extensive and in-depth text is a must-read for transgender and gender nonconforming individuals that dives into diverse topics, including personal identity, health choices, social systems, legal issues, and more.
Available on
Trans-kin: A Guide for Family & Friends of Transgender People, edited by Dr. Elanor A. Hubbard and Cameron T. Whitley. Boulder Press, 2012.
A collection aimed at family, friends, and allies of the transgender community. Multiple points of view are offered to paint a more complete picture of trans* issues and realities. Some stories are incredibly dramatic, others are mellow and meandering.
Available at
“Transgender Rights,” from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, 28 Jun 2015