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What are folks saying about Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Realities by Lee Harrington?

In Traversing Gender, author Lee Harrington explores the dazzling diversity of gender possibility from an positive and welcoming point of view. This work is a rich mine of information about the biological, psychological and social realities of gender pioneers. Harrington describes and affirms the many, many approaches to life, love and medical treatment so that people can choose their best chance to be welcomed in the world as the person that they most authentically are, expressing gender in the ways that are most natural to each of them – or really, us.
- Dossie Easton
Marriage & Family Therapist; Co-author, The Ethical Slut
The topic and language of gender is comprehensive and evolving, and contemporary discourse surrounding it may often be subjective and misleading. In his book, Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Realities, Harrington explores the myriad of terminologies and diversity of experiences, breaking down the various facets and stereotypes of gender into concise, understandable segments. This book examines topics such as gender presentation, expression and behaviours in popular culture, while devoting ample consideration to matters such as social, medical, legal, sexual, allies, and more. Professionally written, yet aiming to reach audiences outside of academia, this book is a critical resource for providing essential information regarding the intersectionality and complexities of differently-gendered individual's lives.
- Michael Eric Brown
Gender diversity author, scholar, and Executive Director at TransMentors International, Inc.