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Breaking down information on LGBT rights by category and sub-category, they also offer an online confidential system for reaching out concerning civil liberties violations.
Though based in New York City, their SafeOUTside antiviolence program, TransJustice events and actions, and work to end employment and immigration discrimination continues to influence the world at large.
Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex, 2nd Edition, edited by Eric A. Stanley and Nat Smith. AK Press, 2015.
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With great FAQs, information, resources, and personal stories of those affected by trans legal issues, they also have regional offices and a legal help desk.
The NCLR has a transgender law project, tools custody and workplace issues, and a legal help line.
One of the best sources online for everything from changing documentation to understanding various legal rights, please pour through all of their links to find information that can help you and your situation, as their available resources are impressive.
This simple system allows for a state-by-state breakdown of current rules for name change in the United States.
A political and social action organization, their #StopTransMurders Project, and Trans/Gender Non-Conforming Justice Project, are doing important work.
Catalogs comparative research data worldwide in an accessible matter concerning legal issues and coordinates the trans murder monitoring project.
Transgender Family Law: A Guide to Effective Advocacy, edited by Jennifer L. Levi. AuthorHouse, 2012.
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Especially useful for trans incarceration issues, police violence, they have a variety of resources for black trans legal and social justice issues, and do work on poverty and other issues of injustice that affect trans people.
Important information and data on non-discrimination and hate crime laws, employment and health care policies, and a rich collection of topic-specific legal resources.
In addition to their wide array of resources for diverse legal issues affecting trans people, they also have resources for attorneys, a legal information helpline, publications available for allies, organizers, and individual trans people finding their way.
Working on test-case legal cases to affect broad trans civil rights issues, TLDEF also runs the Name Change Project which helps those in need do name change services, and partner with law firms to help trans people have legal counsel.
Transgender Persons and the Law Pap/Cdr Edition, by Ally Windsor Howell. American Bar Association, 2014.
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Transgender Rights, edited by Paisley Currah, Richard M. Juang and Shannon Price Minter. University of Minnesota Press, 2006.
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