Support Groups

Support Groups

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The following are various on-line, national, or international support groups.

For local or regional support groups, scroll down.

"Is it true that there are only six transmen in the world, and the rest is done with mirrors? Or, if that is a slight exaggeration, that there are no more than three degrees of separation between any two transmen in the world? If you are FTM, are dating an FTM, are in one of the rarer segments of the gender sphere, maybe you belong here."
"This group is a SUPPORT GROUP for Transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, and gender-questioning people and their allies! This group is entirely welcoming of both binary-identified and non-binary-identified persons."

Local and Regional Support Groups

"Created to Connect and Inform Transgendered Individuals and their allies, to promote a safe and positive environment free from transphobic comments, slurs and articles. Support one another that's the goal!!! There is also a Trans only group for more private matters ( Alaska Transgender Group)"
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